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Despite COVID, Making Housing and Community Happen (MHCH) has been thriving and has had significant successes. This year on Dec. 4-6 MHCH celebrated its annual event “There’s No Place Like Home” online with music, stories and presentations about our housing justice work. Nearly 200 people showed up for these events–people of all races, ethnicities and backgrounds, united by a common concern for ending homelessness and housing insecurity. You can see the full videos of each night, edited by our talented assistant Morgan Tucker:

FRIDAY, Dec 4th, 2020 : “Affordable/Supportive Housing and Building Affordable Housing on Congregational Land.”  Emcee, Anthony Manousos.


SATURDAY, Dec 5th, 2020: “Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) and Community Land Trust (CLT).” Emcee, Bert Newton.


SUNDAY, December 6th, 2020: “Safe Parking and North Fair Oaks Empowerment Initiative.” Emcee, Jill Shook.


You can also see individual video presentations by scrolling down.

We’re seeking to raise $25,000 to support our housing justice work in 2021, and we’re now three quarters of the way to our goal. Please consider making a contribution, especially on a recurring basis. That’s what provides our organization with financial stability. 

FRIDAY DEC 4 PROGRAM with links to videos

Full Friday Program Link:


"There's No Place Like Home"(Animation with music by Elvis )

Affordable/Supportive Housing Advocates (ASHA) Team

Mythbuster on Affordable Housing - Teresa Eilers

Congregational Land Subcommittee

Andre White's Housing Story/Spoken Word "Breathe"

Areta Crowell (Pasadena Presbyterian Church)

Bert Newton's Housing Story

Award - Council member Margaret McAustin

Music Video by John York and Barry McGuire - "California Dreamin' "/"Tramp on the Street"

Heather Rim

SATURDAY DEC 5 PROGRAM with links to videos

Full Saturday Program Link:

There's No Place Like Home (Animation) -


ADU Video

Anne Marie's Housing Story

Brita Pinkston Video

Community Land Trust (CLT) Subcommittee

John Deron Johnson Video

Award - John Kennedy

Award - Allison Henry

Music Video John York and Barry McGuire- "Day for a Daydream"/"One Step from Homeless"

Heather Rim

SUNDAY DEC 6 PROGRAM with links to videos

Full Sunday Program Link:

There's No Place Like Home (Animation) - Opening

Safe Parking Video

Methodist UMC

North Fair Oaks - Thanks, David!

Gilbert Walton Video

Music Video # 3 - Bob Dylan/Tramp on the Street

Cynthia Kirby Housing Story

Heather Rim

Relive "There's No Place Link Home" : Our Online Celebration of MHCH

During this uncertain time, we at MHCH are working to make sure that everyone has access to decent, affordable, and safe housing. It’s a huge task and we need your help.

We can’t thank you enough for your generosity. We welcome one-time donations of any amount. We also hope you will also consider becoming a monthly sustaining partner as we diligently seek to address the severe housing crisis.

It is preferable to send large donations by check to reduce online fees and so we can thank you personally. Checks should be made out to “Social Good” with MHCH in the subject line.

 Making Housing and Community Happen c/o Jill Shook

1628 N. Garfield Ave

Pasadena, CA 91104

We use a four-pronged approach to address the growing homeless and housing crisis:


One-day Housing Justice Institutes.

Educational initiatives such as our monthly GPAHG meetings, advocacy trainings and other public events.


North Fair Oaks Empowerment Initiative.

Greater Pasadena Affordable Housing Group (GPAHG)


The Congregational Land Committee was created to assist churches in exploring the feasibility of using some their property to build affordable housing, often at no cost to the church.


North Fair Oaks Empowerment Initiative. Listening to and organizing around the community’s stories, dreams and concerns; developing leaders able to equip other leaders, leaders who see and feel the pain, visualize the community and church assets, and who are able to establish appropriate partnerships, such as affordable housing developers, and other nonprofits like LA Voice.

 To learn more, visit:

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