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We completed a pilot One-Year Institute in 2019 and at this point we are not yet planning another one.


If you are interested in our plan and outcomes for this pilot institute, read on. 


It was designed to comprise of a cohort of no more than 14 passionate and committed people of faith who would learn ways to the address housing/homeless crisis in their communities through local churches, partnerships and policy. Participants would practice within their own community a theology of advocacy, land use, and housing as part of God’s mission and the human right to housing.

During the course, we will examine case studies of how churches and faith-rooted visionaries, community developers, advocates and community organizers are addressing the housing crisis, and thereby transforming people and communities.


The course includes:

  • Guest speakers

  • Interactive assignments

  • Readings

  • Site visits

  • Community-based research

  • Skill development

  • Firsthand experiences will engage affordable housing developers, local decision makers, policy, best practice models and processes of systemic change within a community.


The 2019 cohort was initially compiled of three students, from Texas, Colorado and California. In January we met in Pasadena, CA for a four-day retreat, touring five affordable housing developments, interacting with the developers, housing officials and more. We had a jam-packed week of learning and bonding.

You can learn more about the monthly assignments, readings and web based 3-hour sessions here:

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