2019 - Jill Shook was given the Habitat for Humanity 2019 Stability Award. She was recognized in May at an annual Habitat Women Build event with the goal to bring women together to build homes in partnership with future women homeowners and to raise awareness about how the housing crisis disproportionately affects women. The letter stated, “We couldn’t think of a better person… than you to give the stability award. Month after month and year after year, your dedication, advocacy, passion and persistence, has brought about much needed housing policy, funding and housing developments (including the Desiderio homes) for our community.”


2019 - The County of Los Angeles recognized Jill Shook “for her dedicated service to the affairs of the community and for the civic pride demonstrated by numerous contributions for the benefit of all the residents of LA County.”

2018 - Pacific Oaks College in Pasadena nominated Jill Shook to receive a Social Justice award.


2016 - A Certificate of Recognition for Dr. Jill Suzanne Shook by the 41st Assembly District 2016 Women of Distinction Nominee was signed March 3rd by Assembly Member Chris Holden.

2016 - Jill Shook was selected as one of eight Design and Planning Visionaries of the Year in 2016. Recognition was given for advancing the community and quality of life by Day One, during their October Art night, when hundreds of people are bused between all the art museums and galleries that are open for free.


2006 - A Jill Shook college trust fund was created for the children of STARS—Students and Tutors Achieving Real Success. The award accompanied with the honor of the fund’s name reads, “In Grateful Recognition, This Award is presented to Jill Shook “With Deep Appreciation For Your Faith In God, Your Visionary Leadership, And Your Commitment To The Children, Youth and Families Of Northwest Pasadena” as Founder of STARS. Presented by the Lake
Avenue Church Community Foundation, October 28, 2006”


2004 - Jill Shook received an award by a local church for leadership in affordable housing.

1997 - Lake Avenue Church Community Partner of the Year 1997, for visionary leadership and “for
casting your lot with the residents, and especially the children of Northwest Pasadena.”