Become a Church Liaison for GPAHG!

Why is advocacy necessary?


There is a critical need for homeless/affordable housing and for people willing to advocate for such housing. The chronic homeless rate is increasing in Pasadena and throughout So Cal. In the 31 cities in San Gabriel Valley, where Pasadena resides, the homeless count rose 24%, from 3,605 people in 2018 to 4,479 in 2019. The Good news that Pasadena is the only city in LA County where the overall homeless count dropped by 20%. Due to GPAHG’s efforts, we have helped to approve 134 PSH units within 12 months. We feel extremely grateful to our collaboration with churches and others to help make this happen.


Evidence-based best practices demonstrate that affordable homes end homelessness and permanent supportive homes (PSH) end chronic homelessness. Yet, CA State policy requires that we plan for housing for all income levels, but there is no law that requires affordable housing. All affordable housing must be advocated for. Article 34 requires a public vote for affordable housing, see:


When congregations understand the significant role they can play as advocates, they are often motivated to become involved.

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Why our Church Liaison Membership is essential and how YOU can become a Church Liaison

We serve congregations of all faiths by helping them put their faith into practice to end the affordable housing and homelessness crisis through advocating for affordable and “permanent supportive” housing. We do this by mobilizing members of congregations at crucial times to attend city council meetings and/or write letters to the city council or other government entities. 


For this reason, we have developed our liaison program in which we help clergy and lay leaders identify a person in their congregation who can act as an official liaison to The Greater Pasadena Affordable Housing Group (GPAHG.) This liaison:


  • attends monthly GPAHG meetings

  • Determines the congregation’s interests, strengths and needs concerning housing 

  • Shares information and/or makes announcements at the organization on behalf of GPAHG

  • Facilitates the donation of $50 or more per year from the congregation

  • Rallies 5 to 10 people from the congregation to participate in campaigns/meetings, especially as part of a rapid response when needed.


Our Church Liaison Membership Coordinator, Bert Newton, is reaching out to Pasadena churches interested in advocating for the solution to homelessness. Bert, an ordained pastor with Pacific Southwest Mennonite Conference and biblical scholar, would love to meet with you to discuss how your congregation can be involved. 


Liaison members become part of a rapid response team that convenes via conference call on Friday at 7pm once the City Council agenda is out on Thursday evening. We determine, in that conference call, whether we need to activate our rapid response network in our churches.


Here is the application form for you to prayerfully consider for you and your church:  


Bert will review with you what is involved. Once you and your church have made a commitment, we hope to come to your church to dedicate your Liaison member into this new ministry of the church.  

Liaison Training Sessions

Title: Liaison Training: How to do a one-on-one with Anne Fox

Date: Friday, May 22, 2020

About: Anne Fox leads this liaison training session focused on how to do a one-on-one. This is the basis of all we do in MHCH to build a movement.

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