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Welcome to Making Housing
& Community Happen!

We decided to call 2024, the sixth anniversary of becoming a nonprofit, a “Year of Jubilation,” in gratitude to you, our supporters, 50+ volunteers, community partners and staff. Our goal is to raise $25,000 by Sept. 1 to pay our staff and achieve our goals.


This year is one of transition. Jill and Anthony are taking a four-month sabbatical this summer.  Anthony is turning 75 in May, Jill turned 70 last November, and both need time for rest and spiritual renewal.

Thankfully, we are blessed to have an excellent staff of seven, with Bert Newton assuming the role of acting director during this interim period.


Bert is an amazing organizer. He just led a successful campaign to approve affordable workforce housing on an unused Pasadena School District site for teachers and staff. Jill started this campaign over ten years ago and Bert brought it across the finish line! Way to go, Bert!

Six years ago we advocated for Heritage Square South, which is finally opening its doors to 69 unhoused seniors in the next couple of weeks!  We hope you can join us in December to see this beautiful development.

Four years ago we advocated for the Civic Center project—99 units of affordable senior housing next to City Hall. We are urging the Design Commission to finalize approval of this project ASAP. The design review process has taken over two years, costing the developer millions of additional dollars, so we will be working on policies to shorten the length of time a project is allowed to be in design review, to keep costs down, and make housing happen more timely.

By the end of this year our Congregational Land Committee expects to complete 10 Requests for Proposals for churches seeking to have affordable housing built on their underutilized land —together producing approximately 1,000 affordable apartments! Our Apprenticeship Program is blossoming, with teams doing similar work in CO, WA, TX and No.CA.


Our N. Fair Oaks Empowerment team is gaining partners and support for a Vision Plan that will revitalize a  once thriving “Black Main Street.” The Northwest Commission recently sent a wonderful letter of support for this Plan. We are gathering 500 signatures from neighbors, businesses and churches in this area who support this beautiful plan.


We are also calling this a “Year of Jubilation” because we love the concept of the biblical "Jubilee," referring to rhythms of land redistribution to restore homes and land to its original owners to end poverty. We imagine a jubilant future where everyone has a decent, safe and affordable home.


In gratitude, Bert Newton, Jill Shook and Anthony Manousos

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One of the highpoints of 2023 was our affordable housing bus tour that took place in July 2023.   Over 50 mayors, elected officials and community and religious leaders throughout the San Gabriel Valley took part and saw for themselves the benefits of affordable housing. This five-minute video created by Emmy-award-winning documentary film maker Stephen Scheidler demonstrates how this bus tour influenced key decision makers by showing how affordable housing transforms lives and communities. 



Making Housing & Community Happen equips congregations, community leaders, and neighbors with practical tools needed to transform their communities to end homelessness, and to stabilize the cost of housing through education, advocacy, organizing, and advisement.

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