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Welcome to Making Housing
& Community Happen!

Our 5th Annual Celebration

on Nov. 19, 2023,

was a joyful success!

When we held our annual celebration at New Life Holiness Church, in the heart of a once thriving African American neighborhood, there was music, refreshments, and inspiring stories of how Making Housing and Community Happen is addressing the housing crisis in Pasadena and beyond through affordable housing. Residents of this neighborhood gathered to provide input into a professional Vision Plan that will be submitted to the city and, if approved, will help ensure a brighter future for this neglected part of our city. The goal of our work is to "beautify, but not gentrify."


One of the highpoints of the year was our affordable housing bus tour that took place in July 2023.   Over 50 mayors, elected officials and community and religious leaders throughout the San Gabriel Valley took part and saw for themselves the benefits of affordable housing. This five-minute video created by Emmy-award-winning documentary film maker Stephen Scheidler demonstrates how this bus tour influenced key decision makers by showing how affordable housing transforms lives and communities. 


As we complete our fifth year as a nonprofit, we have lots to celebrate, such helping parkers in our Safe Parking program to be housed; rezoning religious land for affordable housing statewide through SB 4;  and working the residents of N. Fair Oaks, a neglected area of the city, to ensure a bright future. We are also looking forward to Heritage Square South, 70 units of supportive housing for chronically unhoused seniors, to be completed and rented up early in 2024. We successfully advocated for this project five years when we began our work as a nonprofit!


Our goal is not only to ensure that affordable housing gets built, but also to build what Dr. King calls the Beloved Community. That's why we call our nonprofit "Making Housing and Community Happen." 


We can't do our work without our partners, and without your support. Please donate whatever you can afford. All donations are greatly appreciated. Click here to support our work.




Making Housing & Community Happen equips congregations, community leaders, and neighbors with practical tools needed to transform their communities to end homelessness, and to stabilize the cost of housing through education, advocacy, organizing, and advisement.

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