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 Become Involved in Housing Justice:
Join Our MHCH 101 Orientations!

These MHCH 101 Modules were created to help orient people about our work and the complexities of affordable housing. 
Mod 1 Understanding the Problem revised Feb 14 intro page.jpg
MHCH 101, Part 1 -"The Problem and Focus"
Click on this PowerPoint to learn....
  • About the housing crisis in the US, CA and Pasadena.

  • Who needs affordable housing.

  • Why we should focus on affordable housing.

  • Why it's important to engage the religious community.

Bert Newton, the lead organizer for MHCH, facilitated, presents the first of six modules dealing with MHCH's housing justice work and explains how your involvement can make a real difference. 

MHCH 101, Part 2 -"History & Mission of MHCH"
In this PowerPoint you will learn....
  • MHCHs approach to advocacy and the redemption of the city 

MHCH 101, Part 3 - "Core Values"
In his PowerPoint you will learn....
  • MHCH's core values as an organization including, identifying root causes, team work, integrity, education that empowers and transforms, integration and being faith-rooted

MHCH 101,  Part 4 - "Theology"
In this PowerPoint you will learn....
  • the theology of land and housing that drives  MHCH and a biblical perspective on land and housing

In this PowerPoint you will learn....
MHCH 101, Part 5 - "What is Affordable Housing?"
  • What is affordable housing

  • What kind of affordable housing exists in Pasadena?

  • How does it happen?

  • To whom do we advocate to get affordable housing passed?

MHCH 101, Part 6 - "Various Types of Affordable Housing"
In this PowerPoint you will learn....
  • Examples of affordable housing in Pasadena and how they came to exist 

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