GPAHG New Member Orientation Videos 

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Total Run Time: 3 hours, 16 minutes, 55 seconds

GPAHG Orientation Part 1 -"The Problem and Focus"
Run Time: 42:52
In this video you will learn....
  • About the housing crisis in the US, CA and Pasadena

  • Who needs affordable housing

  • Why we should focus on affordable housing

  • About GPAHG, it's vision, mission, history of successes and platform

  • About the anatomy of GPAHG and how it relates to MHCH

GPAHG Orientation Part 2 -"Our Approach"
Run Time: 31:06
In this video you will learn....
  • GPAHG's approach to advocacy and the redemption of the city 

GPAHG Orientation Part 3 - "Core Values"
Run Time: 25:49
In this video you will learn....
  • GPAHG's core values as an organization including, identifying root causes, team work, integrity, education that empowers and transforms, integration and being faith-rooted

GPAHG Orientation Part 4 - "Theology"
Run Time: 45:09
In this video you will learn....
  • the theology of land and housing that drives  GPAHG and MHCH and a biblical perspective on land and housing

GPAHG Orientation Part 5 - "What is Affordable Housing?"
Run Time: 15:31
In this video you will learn....
  • What is affordable housing

  • What kind of affordable housing exists in Pasadena?

  • How does it happen?

  • To whom do we advocate to get affordable housing passed?

GPAHG Orientation Part 6 - "Various Types of Affordable Housing"
Run Time:36:38
In this video you will learn....
  • Examples of affordable housing in Pasadena and how they came to exist