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Pasadena made it easier to convert your garages into a rental, but more housing changes coming

Forced to take action by changing state laws, Pasadena officials made it easier on Monday for single-family homeowners to convert garages and other existing structures into rentals, but strict rules remain in place for new construction.


City council rejects proposed

"Granny Flats" regulations

It’s back to the drawing board for the City’s proposed new amendments to its regulations on existing accessory dwelling units (ADU) – also popularly known as “granny flats.”


Granny flats don’t bring the problems some cities fear: Guest commentary

Fear of the unknown, fear of change and fear of lowered property values and traffic often stand in the way of constructive solutions to the Southern California housing crisis. One of the solutions, granny flats, known to planners as accessory dwelling units or ADUs, could add needed housing stock and help keep homes affordable for homeowners, with no cost to our cities themselves.


Council approves final tenant protection ordinance

In one of the shortest meetings in recent memory, the Pasadena City Council Monday evening approved the final reading of the Tenant Protection Ordinance, an addition to the City’s municipal code, which clarifies the conditions under which certain displaced tenants are eligible to receive relocation and moving expense allowances.


Who wins by allowing granny flats in Pasadena? We all do

Since a lot of factual (and some mythical) information has circulated about how ADUs (accessory dwelling units, aka granny flats) might benefit or hurt the city of Pasadena, I wrote an op-ed published in the Pasadena Star-News this summer providing evidence that ADUs would not significantly increase traffic, create parking problems, lower property values, increase crime or have any other measurable negative impacts.


Council approves 'Granny Flat' amendments after hours of public comment, discussion

Following a long public discussion and meeting that lasted until nearly midnight, Pasadena’s City Council Monday voted unanimously to approve two amendments to the City’s existing Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) regulations, regarding the minimum size of affected lots and the maximum size of the allowed new dwellings, “Granny Flats."


Council approves accessory dwelling ordinance

“We are being too clever by half,” said Councilmember Margaret McAustin Monday night in arguing to eliminate a series of housing fees proposed for the construction of new Accessory Dwelling Units, called ADU’s and also known as “Granny Flats.”


Guest opinion: Jill Shook | Preventing another housing debacle

Who can forget the housing crash of 2008? Do we want to see a repeat of this debacle? As someone who has advocated for affordable housing and housing justice in the city of Pasadena for twenty years, and given Housing Justice workshops around the country, I am heart sick by President Elect Donald Trump’s cabinet choices. 


Would you live in a granny flat? New laws should help cities boost housing in Orange County

Granny flats are not new, and Orange County municipal codes long have allowed them. But they’ve mostly been restricted to homes on larger lots with single-family zoning. Now, cities throughout the region are reforming their laws to make it easier for homeowners to build second units on their property, allowing them on smaller lots with fewer parking restrictions.

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